IF YOU ARE NEW TO GENUINE MOLDAVITE 💫STUDY IT’S SIGNIFICANCE, IT’S POWER & IT’S VALUE TO YOUR LIFE AT THIS PRICE🙏🏿THANKH ME NOW😂 🌙 Genuine Czech Moldavite. Born from a meteoric collision nearly 15 million years ago. Vitavin (Czech name for Motavite) is a tektite talisman for spiritual, physical, and mental protection as well as grand fortune. Known to transform one’s energy so that it may work for them. $120 Each.. Moldavite & Copper ( 1 ipendant! Moldavite’s Keywords are: Transformational, Rapid Spiritual Evolution, Chakra activation, Cleansing, Protection, Increased Incidents of Synchronicities Element: Storm Chakras: ALL, Esp. (💚Heart(4TH) & Third Eye (💜Sixth Chakra)!💚

Moldavite & Copper Pendant (for 1 pendant )

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